Highway 52 Coalition/PEL

For the last year, the Town of Hudson has been a member of the Highway 52 Coalition. Comprised of towns all along the Highway 52 corridor from Erie to Keenesburg and including Weld County and CDOT, the coalition is designed to bring stakeholders together in an effort to find common goals. 

One of those goals has been the creation of a planning and environmental linkages study (PEL) and an access control plan (ACP) which all the stakeholders have agreed to fund and support.  The PEL is to develop a vision of the corridor, establish existing conditions, define purpose and need, develop and evaluate alternatives and prioritize projects and identify funding opportunities.  The ACP will help regulate access to SH 52.  It will act as a communication tool for CDOT and local agencies, identify future right-of-way needs, encourage mobility and safety when considering the future development and provide  guidance for land developers.  These studies will take the better part of the next 18 months to complete and will involve open meetings so citizens can bring up issues regarding the highway directly to the consultants that have been retained to oversee the project.

The Town of Hudson, along with every other stakeholder has pledged funds to participate in these studies.  Working with other communities makes our tax dollars go further as we work to smartly plan our future.


CO 52 Planning and Environmental Linkages (PEL_ & Access Control Plan (ACP) Webpage


Coalition Kickoff Meeting Powerpoint - March 2020

CO 52 Planning and Environmental Linkages (PEL) & Access Control Plan (ACP) - May 2020