Reports and Prospective Projects

This page is for public reports, documents, and prospective projects that aren’t linked to a specific department. 


2020 Transportation Master Plan

A routine report that communities undertake to help with decisions regarding future development, capital projects, land use, and more. 

Broadband Analysis

Fiber Design Map - Fiber Design Map (w/ Service Areas)

A continuation of 2019’s "Introductory Broadband Initiative Report" completed by Town staff, the project was moved to the next stage by hiring the consultant group HR Green. In the report are preliminary designs, estimated costs, recommendations, and a potential timeline to getting funding for the project.


Rec Center Analysis

This report was created in recognition that a recreation center was rated the most desired recreational amenity in the 2017 and 2018 citizen surveys. This analysis covers the current recreation situation in Hudson, case studies, costs, funding methods, a step-by-step timeline, as well as recommendations. The analysis is meant to inform citizens of the pros and cons, the different options, and allow them to reach their own conclusions as to the priority of a rec center for Hudson.

Introductory Broadband Initiative Report

This report was created in response to a continual interest in the community for broadband, including the passing of a ballot initiative in 2016 to allow the Town of Hudson to potentially engage in a broadband project. This study discusses a number of the terms, technologies, levels of municipal involvement, different positions of stakeholders, and a potential timeline on how to move forward if the community wishes.