Permits and Licenses


Name (Link to Form) Staff Email Fee
Animal License $10 fixed/$20 unfixed
Backyard Chicken $15.00
Board/Committee Application -
Complaint Form -
Council Application -
Dumpster Application Variable
Extended Parking $10
Overweight Vehicle/Special Transport Application Variable
Parking on Public Right-of-Way Variable
Pig (Pot Belly) $15.00
Public Records Request $0.25 per page/other costs in form


Name Submit Online at: Fee
One-Stop (Sewer/Water Repairs, Water Heaters, Re-roofs) Variable
Basement Finish Variable
Detached Garage Variable
Decks & Patios (Uncovered) Variable
Decks & Patios (Covered) Variable
Enclosing Existing Patio Cover Variable
One-Story Addition Variable
Re-Roof Variable
PV Solar Variable
New Single Family Variable
Minor Street/Alley Work Permit*

*Applications may be submitted online with associated building permits or separately via paper application.

Energy Compliance Certificate Variable
How to Complete the Energy Compliance Certificate Variable



Name Submittal Requirement Checklist Staff Email Fee
Sign Permit Application Commercial Signs Variable
Temporary Use Application -- Variable
Floodplain Application -- Variable
Request for Zoning Verification -- Variable
Request for Pre-Application Meeting -- Variable
Request for Use Requiring Planning Commission Approval  -- Variable
See right for submittal requirements for specific processes.
Annexation & Initial Zoning Variable
  Subdivision Sketch Plan Variable
  Subdivision Preliminary Plat Variable
  Subdivision Final Plat Variable Variable
  Replat, Vacation, Minor Amendment Variable
  Zoning Map Amendment Variable
  Sketch PD Plan Variable
  Preliminary PD Plan Variable
  Final PD Plan Variable
  Zoning Variance Variable
  Site Plan Variable
  Use by Special Review Variable

Public Works Permit*
*All major utility and road work in the right of way requires a Public Works Permit. Variable
  WCR 49 Access Permit Variable


Name (Link to Form) Staff Email Fee
Ball Field Rental None
Park Rules N/A N/A
Pavilion Reservation $50 fee/$50 deposit

If you have any questions please contact the clerk via e-mail at or call 303-536-9311.