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Founded in 1950, the Hudson Public Library is the Town’s municipal library. Under a contract with the High Plains Library District, the Hudson Library serves a region that roughly matches the boundaries of the RE3J School District, including the communities of Hudson, Keenesburg and Lochbuie. Hudson was one of the founding libraries in Weld County that founded High Plains (originally the Weld Library District) in 1985. Library card holders have access to all of the resources of the Library and of the High Plains District.

Services and programs provided by the Library go well beyond loaning books. The Library currently offers classes for local entrepreneurs two days per month from Small Business Development Center. Do you know someone who would like to learn to speak English as a second language? ESL meets every Monday at 6:15pm during the school year  Have your children been exposed to computer programming? Eight year olds and up gather to enjoy fun & practical projects.

Would you like a nice space to sit and watch your children as they play with Legos, building blocks, cook in their own play kitchen and play dress up? Every Wednesday at 10:00 seniors fill the Library’s Community Room with laughter and good conversation, gathering for good coffee, great games and an excellent opportunity to become acquainted with seniors in the area. Did you know that we have Colorado State Park passes? It only takes a library card to check out one of our backpacks which includes the pass.

The best part about all the activities and classes mentioned is that they are provided at no additional charge. The only thing you need is a LIBRARY CARD. There is so much more waiting for you at the Hudson Library. Please take the time to visit, we’d love to see you.

  1. Hudson Public Library

    Physical Address
    100 S. Beech St
    Hudson, CO 80642

    Mailing Address
    100 S. Beech St
    Hudson, CO 80642

    Phone: 303-536-4550


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday 10am-6pm 

Wednesday 10am-8pm

Saturday 10am-2pm      

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