The Town Planner works with the Planning Commission and the staff to ensure that land development proposals meet town standards and conform to the Town’s Comprehensive Plan. The Planner works closely with the Economic Development Director to help businesses and developers of residential projects achieve their goals while preserving the character of the community.

 Key functions of the Planning Department include:

• Maintaining the Town of Hudson’s Comprehensive Plan.

• Preparing Town-wide and neighborhood plans.

• Providing information related to zoning, subdivision, annexation, and other land use questions addressed in Chapter 16 of the Municipal Code, the Town’s Land Development Code.

• Permitting services for residential and nonresidential development.

• Providing development review services for new development.

• Providing annexation services for properties coming into the Town.

• Processing zoning variance applications and appeals through the Board of Adjustments.

• Provide professional technical support to the town’s elected officials in reaching their decisions on land use development proposals.

• Serve as liaison with the US Bureau of the Census on matters related to the decennial Census.

• Serve as a liaison between the Town and other local, state, and federal entities




Physical Address

50 South Beech St

Hudson, Colorado  80642

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 351

Hudson, Colorado 80642

Phone - (303) 536-9311     

Fax - (303) 536-4753