Planning Department Responsibilities

The Planning Department's primary goal is to provide information and assistance to residents, local businesses, and developers. The Planning Department accomplishes this goal by administering the Land Development Code (LDC) and its policies throughout the Town of Hudson. The Planning Division coordinates the preparation of the Town's Comprehensive Plan (long-range vision for land use and infrastructure), recommends zoning regulations to implement that plan, and reviews individual applications for annexation, new development, redevelopment, land subdivision, site plan, rezoning, variances, and other land use questions addressed in the LDC.

Planning Department Staff

Town Planner

The Town Planner works with the Planning Commission and other Town Departments (Building & Code Enforcement, Engineering, and Public Works) to ensure that land development applications and proposals meet town standards and conform to the Town's Comprehensive Plan. In addition, the Town Planner works closely with the Town Manager and Town Council to help businesses and developers of residential projects achieve their goals, while preserving the character of the community. The current Town Planner is Jennifer Woods.

PC Packet for January 8th Meeting

In 2004 the Town and Weld County entered into a Coordinated Planning Agreement thatprovided a framework within which the Town and the County will cooperate on urban planning and development matters. The agreement defines a sixteen square mile urban growth area within which new development will be annexed and developed within Hudson.





Physical Address

50 South Beech St

Hudson, Colorado  80642

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 351

Hudson, Colorado 80642

Phone - (303) 536-9311     

Fax - (303) 536-4753


Planning Forms

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Floodplain Application
Sign Permit Application
Temporary Use Application

Land Use Forms

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Land Use Application (REQUIRED WITH ALL FORMS)
Annexation    +    Annexation Guide
Initial Zoning
Subdivision Sketch Plan
Subdivision Preliminary Plat
Subdivision Final Plat
Minor Subdivision
Replat, Vacation, Minor Amendment
Zoning Map Amendment
Preliminary PUD Plan
Final PUD Plan
Zoning Variance
Site Plan
Use by Special Review


What do I need to do in order to bring my food truck to Hudson?                                                                         Please click on the link for our brochure HERE, which has all the information on food trucks.

What is the 2019 Ordinance on Accessory Dwelling units entail?                                                                                     Please click on the link HERE for a summary.

What is a future land use plan? 
A future land use plan is a tool to guide future development. It identifies the types and locations of development that are preferred to be built in the future in a geographic region. The plan includes a map that visually shows the types and locations of the preferred development. The plan’s purpose is to help implement a shared vision of the physical land in the region.

What are master plan land use categories? 
Master plan land use categories describe the different types of preferred development in the land use plan. These categories are ultimately used to determine the zoning designation for each parcel of land.

What are zoning designations? 
Zoning designations regulate how a parcel of land can legally be utilized. Additional detail on the zoning designations established in the Town of Hudson can be found in Chapter 16, Article 4 of the Hudson Municipal Code. You can view the Town’s Zoning Map HERE. 

What is a setback?
A setback means a line that constitutes one (1) side of a portion of a platted lot within which a structure may be constructed. Setback lines ensure that structures are set back some specified distance from property lines.

How are building setback measured? 
Setbacks are the minimum distance measured from the structure perpendicular to the property lines.

What are my building setbacks on my property?
Setbacks are determined by your property’s applicable zoning district

What is lot coverage?
Lot coverage is the ratio of the total footprint area of all structures on a lot to the net lot area, typically expressed as a percentage. The footprints of all principal and accessory structures, including garages, carports, covered patios, and roofed porches, shall be summed in order to calculate lot coverage. The Lot Coverage Formula = Total sq. ft of building / Total sq. ft. of Lot.